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Need a life care plan, vocational, or economist expert report? LCPMD can help!

MCPMD, a division of LCPMD
Medical Cost Projections Graphic
Founded in Florida in 2020

With a focus on Physician Life Care Planning, LCPMD has since expanded nationwide and broadened its services to include not only life care planning, but also vocational assessments, and economic analysis. From the start, our core focus has been a commitment to providing comprehensive, streamlined, and high-quality service that meets the needs of our clients. With a team of experienced professionals, including board-certified physicians, PhD economists, and vocational experts, we are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of each client, with integrity and attention to detail.

MCPMD, a division of LCPMD, delivers customized credible Medical Cost Projections authored by Certified Life Care Planners, overseen by Trial-tested and Federal court-accepted Board Certified Physician Life Care Planners.

  • MCPMD Important Disclosures
    A Medical Cost Projection does not render opinions regarding liability/causality, permanency, medical diagnosis, appropriateness of past medical treatment, or life expectancy. A Medical Cost Projection does not take the place of a life care plan, nor can it be converted into a life care plan. A Medical Cost Projection is not considered an expert witness document. Therefore, the consulting Certified Life Care Planner author of the Medical Cost Projection is not agreeable to expert witness designation or testimony (deposition and trial). A life care plan should be considered if interested in expert witness designation and testimony.
  • What is a Medical Cost Projection?
    The construction and framework of a medical cost projection, along with the methodologies employed in its creation, rely on a thorough evaluation of medical records, extensive research, analysis, and adherence to established methodologies and professional standards. This report offers a credible quantitative foundation to evaluate and support the financial estimation of an injured individual’s future medical requirements. Typically, this estimation stems from a review of medical records, often encompassing a specific timeframe usually within the last two years.
  • Are Medical Cost Projections appropriate for litigation?
    Medical cost projections serve purposes in mediation, settlement negotiations, and fund allocation. However, it's important to note that they aren't appropriate for litigation, expert witness disclosure, or as the foundational basis for testimony.
  • Are Medical Cost Projections suited for catastrophic (complex) or non-catastrophic (non-complex) injuries?
    While a life care plan can be appropriate for both situations, a medical cost projetion should be limited to non-catastrophic (non-complex) injuries. A non-catastrophic injury is for those living with chronic illness or physical impairment, who retain the ability to perform ADLs (Activities of Daily Living), but may do so with difficulty and loss of quality of life. Conditions may include: neck and back injury, upper and lower extremity injury, fractures, mild to moderate burns, PTSD, complex regional pain syndrome, and chronic pain.
  • When is a Life Care Plan useful?
    All situations involving a chronic injury, catastrophic or non-catastrophic, that will require future care to function optimally and reduce pain and suffering. The Life Care Plan is a valuable tool to reach a settlement, not only in the litigation phase of a case, but also in the pre-litigation phase. It is based on a reliable, consistent methodology within a reasonable degree of medical probability.
  • Why retain a Physician Life Care Planner as the disclosed Expert for a Life Care Plan?
    In addition to providing a strong medical foundation for future medical care, a Physician Life Care Planner's testimony can tie together all Experts' testimony. A Physician Life Care Planner can also educate the jury, in layperson's terms, about the extent and likely progression of the injury, causation, permanency, and future medical costs.
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